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Logistics (2/7)

These are a few logistics to go over for your arrival.

Parking: The spaces directly in front of the studio can be double-parked, for a total of four spaces, we also have two additional parking spots in the fenced area directly across from the studio. If those 6 spaces are full, please park on Howard Ave. **Please do NOT park in front of the other businesses, they often work at various hours and we would like to stay on good terms. If you are attending an evening class and there are spaces against the fence, please feel free to use to spaces for parking.

Bathrooms: We do have a human bathroom at the studio. It is located right down the hallway to the rear of the studio. This is also where you can fill up your dog's water bowl.

Dog Potty Areas: Please only potty your dog in the parking space directly across from our studio. The other businesses do not like the dogs to go the bathroom everywhere. If you are more than 10 minutes early for class, we highly suggest driving to Ken Gar Rec center which is located right around the corner from the studio and provides excellent green space to walk and potty your dog, with easy parking and trash cans.

Clean Up Supplies: We will have clean up supplies available in all classes. If your dog has an accident, it is your responsibility to clean it up since we often are in the middle of teaching and don't want to disrupt the class.

Disposing of Poop: Please only dispose of poop in the Diaper Genie. Please do not dispose of poop in the dumpster in front of the studio! The Diaper Genie is specially design to contain the smell of poop.

Mats for Chairs: At the studio we have special flooring installed that is terrific for dogs, it provides plenty of shock absorption and is easy on dog’s joints when jumping or running. However, the floors are extremely susceptible to puncture. For that reason, we keep mats under all our chairs, and please avoid wearing high heels to class, since these will damage the mats.