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Directions to Our Dog Training Studio

For those of you who are familiar with Kensington, the studio is located on Antique Row.

Driving, take Connecticut Ave north out of DC.  Follow it past 495.  You will see the Town of Kensington sign, keep going.  Fairly soon after that, you will see a Chipotle and Hardware City on your left and a Safeway on your right.  Howard Ave is a pretty immediate left and will happen before you get to the next light.  Once you are on Howard, just keep driving 3 or 4 blocks.  You will see an alley just after an Antiques store on your left.  The alley is just before a store with the sign "The Great British Pine Mine".  Turn left into that alley.  When you get to the top of the alley, take a left.  Ours is the door just to the left of the Grant T. Orr Company.  We're ordering our official sign in a few weeks, but until then, that is the easiest way to find us!  See you soon!

For those of you who are visual, here are images of the directions (scroll down):

A map of the location.
Look for this sign as you are driving up Connecticut Ave. 
Shortly after this sign, you will see the Chipotle and Safeway where you will need to turn.
Here is what the turn onto Howard off of Connecticut Ave looks like.  There is no light. 
It appears quickly, just after the Chipotle and Safeway.  Look for the Liberty gas station and a small green sign that says "Antique". 
Once you have driven 3 to 4 blocks down Howard Ave, you will see this alley.  Drive up this alley to get to our dog training studio.
This is our facility!  You made it, we look forward to training with you!!!